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Pinteresting - Frozen Cool Whip Sandwiches


I pinned this on Pinterest a while back. I really used the photo for inspiration, and I didn't actually read the tutorial until after I made them. I simplified it quite a bit and didn't go for anything sugar-free. I just wanted a fun snack Henry and I could make together this summer. 

Three simple ingredients: graham crackers, Cool Whip, and sprinkles. I had these sprinkles left over from a while back...Halloween ones, but that doesn't matter to Henry.

I made the first one to test it out. I broke the graham in half and dolloped the Cool Whip on.

Then I added the top graham.

I put the sprinkles in a shallow bowl and pressed the sandwich in them lightly on each side.

Henry (age 3 1/2) tried to do this, but he had a difficult time because he couldn't hold the sandwich without squeezing too hard and the Cool Whip coming out.

We did discover he's an AWESOME graham cracker breaker.

And...sprinkle man!

This was the end result. They look so yummy!

They were a little to delicate to handle, so I set the plates (one tub of Cool Whip made 12 sandwiches) in the freezer for two hours.

So, he ate a graham cracker...

 ...and some sprinkles while we waited.

Then I was able to put them in sandwich bags. 
A quick, simple, fun frozen snack the kiddos can help with this summer - Enjoy!

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