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Shop Update

I've been slowly adding a few new things to the shop over the past month. It's fun to let my creative juices flow and see what I can come up with (or what Pinterest can inspire me to do).

If you're looking for a little gift for Easter (only a month away, you know!), I have some bunny rabbit treat bags. They're cute, affordable, and great for the little one. You can stuff them with just about anything! Polka dot ones are GONE, but there's still fun solids to choose from!

I have a new Toms Clutch design. It's a great little thing for spring/summer! It can hold your phone and any other small goodies you need.

Also, I have a new Toms Pouch design. Kind of boxy, kind of fun. I'd love to hear what uses you could find for it.

I still have a few pairs of Toms Mittens. Winter's not over yet!!

Also, this lacy pouch would be a great St. Paddy's Day gift!

I have a few extra Toms flags right now, too, so if you have a special request like a design with a specific zipper color, please contact me, and I can make it happen for you!

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