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Entertaining on the Plane

Russ's grandpa passed away, so we took an unexpected trip to Arizona.  It happened to coincide with our Spring Break, so we got to spend a little more time down there than we would have otherwise.

I was a bit nervous about keeping the little man occupied on the plane rides. Other than that, I knew family would be around and he'd be able to enjoy the great outdoors!

Here are a couple things that were great help on the plane:

1. Wikki Stix: They didn't entertain him for a LONG time, but they were fun to stick to the tray tables, windows, etc, and make shapes.

2. iPod/iPad + Headphones: I found these cute headphones on Amazon, and they worked great! We talked before hand about how he would have to wear them if he wanted to listen to something.

3. Baggies of snacks: I put 2-3 small snack choices in individual Ziploc bags. 1 pack of fruit snacks + small box of raisins + something else small (granola bar or crackers) made it so he had a couple choices and I didn't have to pull out a huge bag of things at once. I had many of these small baggies to pull out throughout the trip.

4. His animal, Buzzy the giraffe, to curl up and take a nap with. He napped the last 45 minutes of our flight there and last 1 hour of our flight home.

5. His own little backpack to hold his personal treasures like a few trucks, colors, stickers, and action figures. (No, we didn't make him tow the big suitcase! He just wanted to pull it for a little bit.)

Were there still some tears on the plane? Yes. But I think we avoided many more by being prepared. 

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