bybmg: Catching Up With Us: June 2020

Catching Up With Us: June 2020


 Hey All! I kind of got away from updating the blog, but I wanted to catch back up and share what we were up to over the summer! This post is all about June from when I left off back in June. I have future posts in the works for July and August. I hope to get. back to posting more often, but I still wanted to continue to use this a little bit like a family scrapbook for us, so I wanted to backtrack and share! Here goes June!

First off, we had made plans almost a year ago to go to Disney World in June of 2020. Well, the world shut down, and unfortunately Disney wasn't going to be open yet. We were big time bummed. We went back and forth about what to do, and we decided we would take a trip anyways. We only have so many summers with our kids, so we planned something pretty chill and went for it.

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We took a direct flight from Iowa to Punta Gorda, FL. My uncle has a rental house in Punta Gorda with a pool, so we figured we would do a little "staycation" style vacation there. Swim in a nicer pool, visit the beach, take it easy. 

This is a view from the back yard. My uncle's house is on a canal. It was fun to check out the water.

The pool at the house was a blast! It was perfect for the boys to splash in and they did that pretty much all day every day! 

My grandparents live just the next town over from my uncle's house. They're at that age and stage in life where they never know if they'll be around a year from now, so we made arrangements to see them. We kept everything pretty safe with eating outdoors and going for a ride on the their boat. My other uncle, aunt, cousin, and my cousin's son came to visit too. I totally lacked on the picture taking, but it was so great to see all of them. We hadn't seen them in years.

We also went to a local beach. It was fun to play in the water and the boys got to catch some creatures in their buckets! We really enjoyed the trip and are so glad we went.

I had been seeing all the people making all the clay earrings, so I had to try it. I ordered up a clay set from Amazon. It was really fun!

Here is a link to the clay set, cutters, earring posts, and glue if you want to try it out!

Henry played baseball this summer. It was so fun to see him play and he really enjoyed it. He hadn't played baseball in a few years because of soccer, but this spring he took off from soccer so he could do baseball. The season got a little delayed because of Covid, but he got to play and it was a blast!

We went camping. The boys LOVE camping. I am not a huge fan of camping bathrooms and sleeping in a tent, but I have decided that once a year I will stay over night. This was my once this year trip! 

We camped at Jester Park and it was beautiful. 

We used Strawberry Shortcake Stripe Cookies for our s'mores and they were so good!

We made crescent rolls and sausage gravy over the fire for breakfast!

We spent a whole day cleaning out our storage room! We found my childhood doll, Becky. I hadn't remembered where it was, so I actually bought Wesley one from eBay a year or so ago, but he was thrilled to meet the actual doll I had as a kid!

The boys spent so much time in the pool! Our local pool was closed this summer and we had purchased a pass. We got a refund and purchased this pool for the back yard. It was a hit!

We went on a family bike ride. It has been fun to see the boys grow in their biking abilities! 

We definitely struggled to balance screen time with non screen time for a while, but eventually we instituted a couple hours a day where the boys could have screens and the many non-screen hours were a struggle at first. But, they really turned a corner and let their creativity shine. This was a day where they set up a store in the basement.

That wraps up June! More to come!

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