bybmg: High Five for Friday 4.3 - Social Distancing Week 3

High Five for Friday 4.3 - Social Distancing Week 3


Week three and I barely know what day it is! Just kidding, kind of! This week has definitely had its ups and downs. Good moments and not so good ones. It's hard to not be able to go places but I know it is for a good reason. Today they just extended our school closure through April 30th.

Today I'm sharing a few of the good moments of our week.


Calvin helped me make some popsicles this week and the boys enjoyed them on the deck.


The boys also got out and helped Russ wash his bike. It isn't quite swim suit weather, but it was warm enough to do this.


Russ and the boys set up the tent and built a little fire pit in the back yard. I mean, why not? And have you ever warmed up a Starburst on a camp fire? Try it! Just a few seconds.


I've been living in a lot of lounge wear lately, and I got a couple of these American Eagle sweatshirts. They are perfect with leggings and they just came out with some fun tie dye options!


The boys played Monopoly Junior last night and it was fun. Great for counting and it's accessible for even Calvin who is 4 to play.

Lots of love to you all in these stressful times. 

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