bybmg: Recent Amazon Purchases April 2019

Recent Amazon Purchases April 2019


It's time again to round up my Amazon purchases from this past month! We made a few big purchases this month, purchased some gifts for the boys, and of course a couple random things, too!

This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through the links.

1. - 3. For Easter, I got the boys each a shirt for their baskets. I got this Hulk shirt and shorts set for Calvin, an LOL shirt for Wes (yay for a gender neutral fit on this shirt!), and a Zelda shirt for Henry. They all express their current interests.

4. When I saw this sweater, I just love it. I wore it flying to Tulsa and I have worn it one other time. It's just cozy! It did shed a little the first time I wore, it but after a wash, it seems great.

5. & 6. I had these lip earrings in my amazon shopping cart. One day I went on and the multi-colored ones were 55% off with a coupon (and they still had a coupon when I checked yesterday!). The gold ones were just too cute to pass up and I think I can actually wear them a lot since I wear a lot of gold jewelry.

7. Can you tell we're on a Hulk kick in our house? Calvin's birthday was May 4, so we got him a Hulk costume as part of his gift!

8. & 9. I've still been trying to find some good, not super expensive protein bars since the ones I used to like from Costco changed their texture. Both of these bars were on sale. I like the cookie dough bars, but the chocolate peanut butter bars were not very good in my opinion.

10. I went and got a facial treatment and the gal used this warm eye massager to apply my eye cream. It heats it up a little and massages under your eye. Also because you use the gadget to apply the eye cream you don't loose any eye cream from absorption on your finger.

11. Russ bought this label printer for me for my business! It is awesome. I can now print labels in a snap and it doesn't require ink, just special labels! No running out of ink and not being able to print. I can keep a good handle on if I need labels, but the ink running out sometimes surprises me. 

12. We also ordered a new dresser for our bedroom. My old one was a thrifted one that I had repainted, but it was starting to fall apart. I'm excited to have a new one! It even came with free assembly, so a guy is coming to put it together tonight!

I'm excited to link up regularly with this monthly link up, Prime Purchases! What fun things have you bought on Amazon lately?

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