bybmg: High Five for Friday 5.10 - Calvin's 4th Birthday & Other Fun

High Five for Friday 5.10 - Calvin's 4th Birthday & Other Fun

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Last Friday morning, Calvin's preschool had Muffins with Mom. It was so cute. Calvin was so excited I was there. He even made sure to take care of  me. "Mom, you look thirsty, I'll get you some juice!"


Calvin's 4th birthday was on Saturday. We kept everything pretty simple with some touches of gold since it was his golden birthday!


Henry has had a desire to earn some extra money (aka he broke his iPad and we won't pay to fix it!), so he has picked up the job of trimming! It is fun to see him learn some new skills!


Wesley had his Kindergarten concert this past week! It's crazy to think he is almost done with Kindergarten! They also displayed some of their art. This is a portrait he made.


I shared on my Instagram stories that I had been on the lookout for the Starbucks color changing cups. I had a friend message me and say she saw that a local Starbucks got them in. I was able to run over lunch and pick them up! They're so fun!

How was your week?

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