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Recent Amazon Purchases - Affordable Bedroom Makeover


Rounding up my Amazon purchases this month, I ordered a lot of things - and none of these were Christmas gifts! I've wanted to totally redo our bedroom, so this month I used a bit of my SeneGence income to make it happen. I didn't purchase everything for the redo on Amazon, but I did purchase the main furniture pieces and some accessories.

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1. I've made some DIY ledges, but I went for these ones (Picture Ledge and Small Picture Ledges)  because they go up with command hooks and they are a dark gray which goes with our room decor. I'm excited to have some spots to put some things on the wall and have it be something we can easily switch it up. I also bought these Photo Hangers because I needed some new ones to hang out mirror.

2. I have a large collection of leather, faux leather, and other fun earrings and I was running out of room for them in my current storage so I bought this Jewelry Organizer to hopefully get them under control and also rearrange my necklaces.

3. With the new decor I really wanted a new Headboard, and this one was the most affordable for the look I was going for. Our old headboard had shelves, so we also needed some new End Tables for storage purposes, and the ones linked were super affordable, too!

4. I bought some new lamps at Target to go with the decor, but Russ loves to automate things, so we got this Wifi Smart Plug. We can now say, "Hey Google, turn on the bedside lamps!"

5. My dresser was green, which doesn't go with the theme we have going on, so I picked up some Black Paint to repaint the drawers.

6. We also needed to get some new Black Out Curtains because our old ones were brown and we're going with a gray theme now. I'm pretty sure Amazon will be my go-to for curtains because they have some choices that are super affordable!

I also bought some other random things recently, too.

7. I saw on a deal site one day that these Hatchimals were on super sale. I snagged three for $15/each and they're normally $50+, so I will stock them away for Easter!

8. We got Henry a 3Doodler for Christmas so I picked up this cheap set of 3Doodler Accessories we'll give to him for part of his birthday gift at the end of the month.

9. In total randomness, I bought this Pom Pom Maker. I know there are other ways to make them, but it was pretty cheap and it comes with yarn. I love pom pom garland, so I'm hoping to make some of my own. 

10. I also decided to try out this Hair Dryer with some of my Christmas money. It's an off brand, and there is a name brand one, but the reviews seem okay, so I'm willing to try it.

11. This is my favorite Make Up Brush Cleaner and I was all out, so I bought the big bottle. I love it because it dries super fast so I don't have to wait for brushed to dry over night.

12. Lastly, I bought a new Address Book. My old one was one I've had for 12 years and it has become a hot mess with people moving and such, so I'm going to start fresh.

I'm excited to (hopefully if I can get my life organized) to link up regularly with this monthly link up, Prime Purchases! What fun things have you bought on Amazon lately?

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