bybmg: A Custom Dress Just For Me

A Custom Dress Just For Me

I received this item free for review. The opinions are my own.

I'll be heading to Tulsa for SeneGence Leaders Training in October, and when eShatki reached out to me to work with them on a custom dress, I just knew the event I was going to wear it for! I have worked with them previously and loved my last custom dress, so I knew I would love this one too. We have an awards banquet during the training where everyone gets dressed up and having a custom dress made just for me would be icing on the cake for this fun event!

Dress: c/o eShatki
Bracelets: Keep Collective
Necklace: Kendra Scott (similar)
Shoes: Target (similar)
Clutch: Thirty One (similar)

You won't even believe what this dress looked like before I customized it! I took the length up, added sleeves, and brought the neckline up a little too. The dress does have the tassels like the original, but I just tucked them in for this look.

I love the bold colors of this dress. I think the changes I gave to it give it a very 1950s vibe which I adore. I feel very comfortable in the dress because it is just the right size. In ordering the dress I gave eShatki all of my measurements and it was made just for me. Because the dress is custom made it takes a few weeks, but it is totally worth it! Have you ever had a dress made for you?

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