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Recent Amazon Purchases


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Oh Amazon, how I love you! Amazon boxes all too frequently hit our doorstep, but I haven't just been buying anything! Today I'm rounding up some of my favorite recent Amazon purchases!

1) This Floral Swim Coverup was too pretty to not get and at just $13, it's affordable too and great for our upcoming trip to Mexico!

2) With all of our travels this summer, after they were a hit on our first trip, I bought some more Water Wow Books to keep the little boys occupied. I love that they are no mess!

3) I mentioned a straw bag in my Summer Shopping List post, and I ended up buying this Straw Circle Tote because it is BIG so I can haul all my mom essentials in it and it was Prime Shipped as opposed to some others I have seen.

4) I had a pair of gold sandals but they were not comfortable. I got these Gold Flat Sandals and they are so comfy that I know they will be great for back to school!

5) I hate ironing, so I finally bit the bullet and after reading some reviews got this Clothes Steamer. I love the compact size. I have used it a couple times and it works great!

6) Calvin is obsessed with mowing, so much so we bought this Kiddie Lawn Mower to take with us on our second and third trips! He'd had a old bubble mower where the bubble part didn't work anymore, so we decided to treat him to this one and it truly made him a more happy camper on our trips!

A couple other non pictured items are:
Amazon Baby Wipes - Though we are done with diapers I still keep baby wipes everywhere. I love that these are affordable and have a snap closed lid!
Replacement Straws - Our water bottles have been good to us this summer but we'd lost a straw, so I picked up some replacements.
Make Up Brush Cleaner - I have heard great things about this and after using it, it's true. It cleans the brushes well and they dry so quickly!
First Aid Kit - After my post about what's in our van I realized I was missing First Aid! That is now fixed and it's already come in handy!

And did you know today is PRIME DAY!? If you aren't a Prime member, you can get a free 30 day trial!


What have you purchased on Amazon lately?

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