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Summer Shopping List


Summer is almost here! I can taste it! We have just a couple weeks left of school then we'll be off! We have travel plans, camps, and just some lazy days at home, too! Today I'm rounding up some things I have bought or want to buy in preparation for our adventures. 

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1. When we did our van post a little while back, I realized our van is definitely missing a first aid kit. Russ sent me a link to this one and I ordered it up out of convenience for our travels this summer.

2. One thing I have really neglected with our family is beach towels. I don't know why. We have a couple, but right now we don't even have enough for each person in our family. This summer that is going to change. I found this 4-pack on Amazon and I'm tempted to just buy it unless anyone else can find a better deal for me!

3. Straw bags are so in this summer! I've seen them at various price points, but this one is one of the most affordable I've found. I've also seen a few people get this in real life and it's cute! I may end up treating myself to this soon.

4. I recently heard about these shoes for the boys. We've done Natives. We've done Toms, and I'm looking for something that will work better for them being active, especially since we'll be at the beach and in the mountains this summer. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but I'm tempted. Anyone have opinions on them?

5. These slides from Target were a recent buy for me. I love my Birkenstocks but I don't really like to get them went. These are kind of a cross between a Birkenstocks and Crocks and I think they will be great for the pool or beach. I may have ordered them in all three colors... but to my defense they were on sale for $10 each pair!

6. Get yourself a romper this summer. It's a go-to comfy outfit. You can dress it up or down. You can put it on and be ready. I have quite a few and I LOVE them. Gap has some back this year and I can't wait to check it out. I have some from Gap in the past similar to this and they are so soft! And if you don't think you can pull of a romper, I dare you to try one! Lose your FOWOT (Fear Of What Others Think) and go for comfort and ease this summer!

What are some of your essentials for the summer?

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