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May Day Baskets


Did you know tomorrow is a holiday? May 1st is known as May Day! There's a lot of history to May Day if you search and read about it, but around here, we celebrate May Day with May Day Baskets!

The baskets don't have to be anything complicated, and this year I'm going super simple. I went with left over paper ice cream dishes from Wesley's Birthday. Some years I use plastic cups. Typical May Day baskets around here usually contain popcorn, which is easy for us because we always have microwave popcorn around!

Then I added in some Goldfish crackers for a little color, Air Head candy from the giant box I have from Amazon, and a piece of sidewalk chalk in a baggie so it doesn't get on the food. Some years we'll put smaller candy mixed in the popcorn too, like M&Ms or Skittles.

Tradition is, you drop the baskets on the neighbors' steps, ring the doorbell and RUN away! We have a couple houses with kids in our neighborhood, so it's fun to do. You could also use May Day as an opportunity to bless the elderly in your neighborhood with something fun.

Do you do May Day baskets in your neighborhood? Do you do anything to celebrate May 1?

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