bybmg: $10 at Target: Drinkware

$10 at Target: Drinkware


Welcome to this month's edition of $10 at Target! Each month I head to Target with a $10 budget and see what I can find. This month's solo trip was the perfect mommy vacation!

Before I get to what I did get, here a few things I passed up:

So, the hustle shirt was over my budget, but so cute. I'm a sucker for graphic tees. 

I totally thought about the plotting and planning notebook. SO cute, but I didn't NEED a notebook. I have I few I haven't used up yet.

Zipper pouches are always fun, and I can usually find a use for a new one. They definitely had some cute ones this trip.

Last, some of the SugarFix jewelry has gone on clearance. Nothing I couldn't say no to, but still fun to see what was there!

On to what I did get:

I was somehow in the mood for beverages! The teal glass was $2.99. It's plastic, and I already have one that's clear, but I felt like a colored one would be fun for drinks on the deck this summer. 

I also found the three-pack of tumblers with lids and straws for just $5 in the cup section. I take an iced coffee to school every morning and I was really looking for a cup that would better fit in my cup holder in the car. This was definitely the best deal compared to some items even in the dollar spot! 

After I found those two things, I wasn't sure what I would get to fill the rest of the $10. I actually walked through the dollar spot a few times before deciding on this flower grow kit. We definitely can't plant flowers outside for a few weeks, so this will be fun to start growing things inside. The kit was $3, so I went $1 over budget, but there have been previous months where I was under, so I feel like I'm just making up for that.

I'm excited to see your finds! Link up with us today and every third Monday of the month!

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