bybmg: Here's to 34!

Here's to 34!


Today I'm 34.

I feel like after 30 I have to do the math just to make sure I am saying the right age. I went to the grocery store one day to buy a bottle of wine and the cashier asked how old I was. I stumbled. I said I can tell you exactly when my birthday is. She said something to the effect that the same thing happened to her after she hit 30, but I digress...

Last year, I gave you 33 facts about me, which was really fun to compile.

This year as I think back, it has been amazing to see what a difference a year can make. I think I will deem year 33 as they year I got my confidence.

This past year I feel like I've just really blossomed into who I am and worry less about what others might think.

I started Weight Watchers in March of last year, and from March to November I lost 25 pounds (30 total after I finished in November). Now, 5ish of those pounds have creeped back over this winter, but I can say that it's not bothering me much because I am aware it happened, I am aware of why it happened, and I know I can lose it if I want to by not being so lazy about my eating. I'm not going to go back to the heavier me.

I have become more confident in my personal life.

I have become more confident in my parenting.

I have become more confident in my leadership skills.

I have become more confident in my make up skills.

Have there been some definite valleys in this year, of course, but with my confidence I am able to overcome them.

Here's to 34! May it be a year of continued confidence and one I can also look back on with pride.

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