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Recent Amazon Purchases


It's often intriguing to me to see what people buy from Amazon. We have Amazon Prime, so I do quite a bit of shopping from there. A lot of my Christmas gifts were from Amazon, partially thanks to family members having wish lists, but also because it was just easy. Free shipping, yes please! Over the last few months, I've also made some purchases for myself and the kids, so I thought I'd share. Maybe you're curious like I am!

Recent Amazon Purchases

Freezer Wine Glasses - I actually got this last Christmas, but I ordered some more to take to a Favorite Things party. If you like chilled wine, these are a must! No more watering down your wine with ice cubes or waiting for it to chill otherwise.

Makeup Brush Cleaner - I'd seen the crazy swirling make up brush cleaner on an ad on Facebook, I think, and for a little over $20, I just had to give it a try. Plus, I unboxed it live in my SeneGence customer group and they loved it. I would say it works well for smaller brushes, but if your brush is really dense, you may have to scrub it out this way.

Satin Pillow Case - I've been trying to wash my hair every other day to even every three days. I also shower at night, so having a smooth pillow case is great for keeping my hair less frizzy.

Blow Dryer - I was letting my hair dry most of the time, but I realized in doing so, it sometimes lacked body. I had heard great things about the Rusk Speed Freak blow dryer, so I decided to give it a go. I love it! It drys my hair so fast!

The Miracle Morning - I had to buy this book for a SeneGence training I took part in, but it really hit home in a lot of ways. For the past week or so I've been trying to put the practices into place in a way that works for me.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - I actually saw a friend had this brush when I did her make up, and I loved it, so I ordered it! It's great for foundation, blush, and contouring!

Recent Kids Amazon Purchases

Mess Trays - I think I mentioned these before, but I did an all call on Facebook about what to do to contain play-doh messes. Stephanie and Whitney both recommended these and so I ordered them. We love them and they have been great for so many messy activities!

Night Light - Wesley often complains about his room being too dark. I did a little research and found this night light. It is safe to sleep with, is rechargeable, and you can adjust the brightness. It's been a winner!

PJ Masks Costumes - PJ Masks have finally caught on at our house. I blame Netflix. I was looking on Amazon and found this set for just $15. One costume for each boy in the house. Perfect! They all have their favorite.

What is your favorite Amazon buy recently?

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