bybmg: High Five For Friday 12.1: Tis the Season!

High Five For Friday 12.1: Tis the Season!

Happy Friday! Della at Della Devoted, Katie at Cup of Tea, Tif at Bright on a Budget, and I want to welcome you to High Five for Friday! Each week we share the best parts of the week and hope you'll join us! This week I'm trying to combine the last two weeks since I took Black Friday off from H54F!


We decorated for Christmas the weekend before Thanksgiving. We usually try to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving, but because we were traveling, things went up early. I just love staring at the tree!


Henry participated in the school's science fair. He shared his cardboard arcade. If you want to see the games he created, you can check out his video.


I joined the mini van club! My SUV was having some troubles, so we went to take it in to get looked at. While we were there, Russ found a van in the lot that was a great deal, so we decided to trade mine in. I will say I was anti-mini van for years, but now that we have one, I can see the appeal!


We celebrated Thanksgiving with Russ's side this year. Here's a picture of us with his parents and sister. We also traveled to see his extended family in northeast Iowa.


I got my first red Starbucks cup of the season. I wish we had a Strabucks closer. I have to drive at least 10ish minutes to get to one. I know, I know, first world problem... but really!

How was your week?

Here's what happened on the blog these past two weeks:

Now, it's time to link up your highlights of the week!

Our Feature Blogger this week is Andrea at Living on Cloud Nine. Andrea is a boy mom, like me, but her boys are older. She has great fashion sense and shares a lot about it on her blog. Make sure you stop by and say hi!

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