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Caramel Apple Bar


Honeybear Brands sent me their new Pazazz apples to try. Pazazz – an all-new apple variety, ten years in the making, is finally here and available for local apple lovers to try before most other places in the country get their chance to take a bite.

Pazazz is different. When it’s harvested it has almost too much flavor, which reaches a perfect balance of sweet and tart by the time it reaches store shelves and shoppers’ baskets.  

They're amazing on their own, no need to bake!

Tis the season for caramel apples, and I do love a good caramel apple! However, I also struggle to eat a whole caramel apple, so when I came across this list on Buzz Feed of different ways to do caramel apple snacks, I decided it would be fun to try a caramel apple bar with the boys!

I tried to keep it simple. We used caramel syrup, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, marshmallows, crushed graham crackers, and a crushed Butterfinger bar. 

This was a tasty after dinner treat and simple enough that I didn't have to slave over anything to put it together. The boys thought it was so fun, too. Definitely something we'll enjoy doing again!

Thanks Honeybear Brands for sharing your apples with us! If you love Honeycrisps, you'll LOVE Pazazz! Keep an eye out for them at your local grocery store.

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