bybmg: $10 at Target - Much Better This Time!

$10 at Target - Much Better This Time!


Welcome to $10 at Target! Each month a group of ladies and I go the place of the red bulls eye and see what $10 can get us! Last month was a bit of a bust, but I was determined to make this month's shopping trip better!

As always, I start off first with what I didn't buy!

Our dollar spot is still hopping with these cute towels! I haven't pulled the trigger on any yet, but I love to look a them!

I LOVED this mini house kit, but they only had one left. If they would have had three, I think that's what I would have gotten!

Near the card section they had some super cute fall decor craft kits. I love this easy wreath!

They also have some cute pumpkin kits!

My Target seems to always have some SugarFix things on sale. If this had been giraffes and not elephants, I would have gotten it. 

These earrings were so cheap and cute, too, but I'm kind of on earring overload lately.

So, what did I get?

Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer: $2.99
Letter Board Icons: $2.99
Pumpkins: $5.00

So, I went over by a buck basically. And I'm a bit disappointed because I went back to Target this past week and the letter board icons were on super clearance for like 88 cents! So I picked up a couple other sets. Now to use them!

I put the pumpkins in our empty lantern that I use to decorate our kitchen table. I really like the touch of fall.

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