bybmg: Letting Go of Control in the Kitchen

Letting Go of Control in the Kitchen


Do you ever have that idea of, "Oh, this would be so fun to do with the kids!" or, "Oh, it's going to turn out so Pinterest-y!" Well, going into the idea for this post, I was so excited. Henry had just attended a kids in the kitchen event at our local library and there he told me that made cereal and yogurt parfaits. He said that he would really like to make them again for our family, so I headed to Hy-Vee to get the ingredients.

I was excited to hear that Hy-Vee is now carrying Honey Maid S'mores cereal and we were going to have the opportunity to share it with you (HONEY MAID and the HONEY MAID design are registered trademarks of Mondelez International group, used under license.). I thought, "YES! This will be perfect for something to make with Henry. We can make a S'mores parfait with this awesome new cereal, JUST like he wanted!

As I was getting the glasses down, Henry decided to stack them up. I said, "Be careful with those! They're breakable!" as I walked out of the room to find the camera. I came back upstairs with camera in hand and I hear, "Mom! I need help!" Yep, you can imagine, one of the glasses got broken. I'm not sure how, and you never quite can be with kids in the kitchen. I tossed it in the garbage and said a big, "Oh well, it's okay!" and we moved on. 

We got down to business. I thought I would just let Henry do his thing and see how it went. He used some unconventional methods, like pouring the cereal straight from the box to the glass. The control freak in me totally wanted to tell him to stop, but I realized he won't learn until I let him try it out. The cup definitely overfilled and cereal got on the table, but he learned from then on to take some out by hand and put it in. 

We used two flavors of yogurt, chocolate and vanilla. Henry decided to put them in together and mix them up, which I thought was fun. It sure didn't allow for the pretty layers I had envisioned, but it we'll work on parfait technique some other time. 

We got out some plastic cups to be able to make a family set of parfaits. As Henry made the last few, he asked if I wanted to help, so of course I set down the camera and made one myself. Are they Pinterest-perfect looking? No, but that proud feeling radiating from his smile and the tongue sticking out in concentration as he worked says it all. He was proud of his work, and I'm getting better at letting go of control in the kitchen so he can be creative and independent. 

Honey Maid S'mores were the perfect fun touch to make a fancy kid parfait without much fuss! Make sure you head to your local Hy-Vee to pick up a box!

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