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S'more Ways to do S'mores


We love a good s'more around here, and today I wanted to share a couple fun ways to do s'mores that aren't the typical graham crackers and chocolate.

So, first off, we make a lot more s'mores around our house now that we have this. It's a gas fire table and we got it at the beginning of the summer on Amazon (here). 

Honestly, I'm not a huge ourdoors-y person. I don't love camping, and real wood bonfires are a lot of work. I realize I sound totally lame saying that, but by the time you build a fire, get it low enough so you can roast marshmallows, then you have to make sure the fire is out before you leave, it's just a lot of work and makes me tired just thinking about it. So, alas we have a gas fire table. It's nice to just turn it on and turn it off as we like.

Today I have three different twists on s'mores which involve these tasty ingredients! Earlier this summer, a shared a High Five for Friday highlight of s'more using the fudge striped cookies and it was funny how many people had never through of that before. Another one is Facebook inspired and the third was a random discovery!

Also, another side note, I got these telescoping roasting sticks on Amazon (similar). They come in a set of eight and each has a different color atop the wood. They are great for the kids and even came with a little zipper case to keep them all together.

So, first off, the fudge striped cookie. This one is so tasty! The cookies are just the right size for a marshmallow and the chocolate on the flat side of the cookie melts. Delish! Just roast the marshmallow and stick it between two cookies!

Next is a Rolo-stuffed marshmallow. This was something I saw somewhere on Facebook and just had to try. For this you have to spread out the marshmallow to make a spot for the Rolo, then you roast it!

You have to be a little careful to make sure the Rolo doesn't fall out. I think you could also try putting the Rolo in after you roast the marshmallow or using the more flat marshmallows I've seen in stores. The caramel in the Rolo with the marshmallow is amazing!

Last was an accidental discovery while shopping at Trader Joe's. These are Shooting Star cookies. They're similar to a fudge striped cookie, but they are star-shaped (obviously) and have popping candy on them. Think un-floavored Pop Rocks!

These cookies are a little smaller than the fudge striped ones, but they still hold a marshmallow well and the popping candy is just plain fun. I got the cookies from Trader Joe's earlier in the summer, so I hope they're not sold out. But, if they are, be on the look out for them next year! So good and fun!

Voila! S'more ways to do s'mores!  Do you have any other fun ways you do them? I would love to hear in the comments! 

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