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Stitch Fix #2


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I decided to give Stitch Fix another try after they emailed me saying it'd been a while since I had my last fix and would I give it another try if they waived my styling fee. I wasn't going to turn down some happy mail and the chance to possibly find some cute clothes. I put in a couple requests:

1) I wanted a pair of cropped distressed jeans.

2) I wanted something floral.

Here's what they sent me:

I liked the top, but it was a little big. I think I may need to change the size of tops in my style profile. It wasn't anything wowing. I think I may have kept it had the stitching on the neckline been contrasting in some way. The jeans were distressed, but they were exactly cropped. They seemed more just like high waters. I also wasn't loving how they fit. They were just a tiny bit snug. Verdict: Returned

When I saw the kimono, I was happy it was floral, but I already have a couple kimonos, so I didn't feel like it was cute enough to purchase it. Initially I was really turned off by the necklace just because I would have preferred to have another clothing item, but had I paid a styling fee, I may have kept the necklace to get something out of the styling fee. I could see myself wearing it a lot. Verdict: Returned

This top was super cute, but it was a little too big and wide in the arm pits. If it would have been in the same price range as the first top and I may have tried to exchange it for a size down because I love polka dots! Verdict: Returned

So, unfortunately, I kept nothing. None of the pieces were things I couldn't live without. I was also pretty bummed I didn't get a pair of cropped jeans. But, I think I'm going to try one more fix before we leave for our trip to Mexico later this summer. I could go for some fun things for the trip!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? If not, use my link to give it a try!

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