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$10 at Target - Mom Essentials


Welcome to this month's edition of $10 at Target! Each month I head to Target with a $10 budget and see what I can find. This month I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for, but it was a fun mom vacation!

Before I get to what I did get, here a few things I passed up:

The dollar spot has super fun summer hats right now! I'm all about getting fun hats, especially for our trip to Mexico, but I just bought two others, so I had to pass this one up.

These sunglasses were adorable, too, and so trendy, but they weren't for me...

I totally pondering getting this for our deck, but I wasn't sure where I would actually put it.

All the SugarFix line was 20% off, and these earrings were ones I hadn't noticed before... I almost got them!

They also had some SugarFix items on clearance. I own this necklace in a light teal, and I am truly regretting not getting this. Went I went back later that week, it was gone.

I don't remember how much this tee was on clearance for, and it wasn't my size, but it was too cute to not snap a picture of it!

So, here's what I ended up with!

Yep, sangria and dry shampoo. Though Batiste dry shampoo is my favorite, I just had to try this one as it advertises that it adds volume.  I gave it a whirl and... meh... it doesn't do much for volume, but it does have less white residue that Batiste, so that is something that is nice. It was $4.84.  

I've been thinking about sangria a lot lately. It's actually been a topic at lunch because Costco seems to have discontinued their Kirkland brand, so I'm on the lookout for a good replacement. This one is pretty good, and I like the single serving bottles. It was $6.49 for the pack of four. 

So, not my typical Target haul and a little bit over budget, but it was fun. I sipped the sangria this weekend in my cute tumbler from last month, and I've been using the cups from last month often, so this fun little budget shopping trip is turning out to be helpful! I need to cut back on clutter and so the consumables this month were a win!

I'm excited to see your finds. We have a whole slew of new hosts this month, so I'm really looking forward to seeing the variety and seeing this link up grow!

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