bybmg: Staple Outfit: Chambray, Mustard Skinnies, and Lace Up Flats

Staple Outfit: Chambray, Mustard Skinnies, and Lace Up Flats


Some days, it's easy to just to back to the basics. A chambray top is definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe because there are unlimited ways to wear it!

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Scarf: Target (gorgeous colors, beautiful floral)   
Top: Old Navy
Skinnies: Old Navy
Bag: Bath and Body Works (similar)
Watch: Pebble
Flats: Lucky Brand

I feel like this outfit attests to how much a bold scarf can really brighten up an outfit! And this scarf. I wrote a whole post about how I love it. It pairs perfectly with so many of my favorite colors! These lace up flats, also a staple now. I was on the fence about the lace up flat trend, but they got me when I found this pair with elastic laces!

I feel like I'm here critiquing the background of my photos again... but can you see that dead grass? It's crazy. This is our third spring in this house, and it happens every spring. Like dead, awful looking dead, and then it comes to life again and looks lush and beautiful. We don't have to take care of it, God just does. I guess it's a reminder of how the most beautiful lush things can come out of death. Because right now, that grass is gross, but soon, after some sunshine and rain, it will come back to life. Definitely a great reminder for me as Good Friday and Easter Sunday come nearer.

Love these pieces?Check out this round up of some great ones (including these and more) that are budget-friendly and really bulk up your wardrobe this spring.

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