bybmg: Simple Felt Spring Carrot Napkin Rings

Simple Felt Spring Carrot Napkin Rings


I got the crafting itch again. This time it was for something to pep up my table. I went to my felt stash, saw orange and green, and knew it could make an adorable carrot! It's so easy you can do it too! I whipped them all up in less than 30 minutes!

The supplies you need are simple! You'll nee a hot glue gun, felt, cardboard (I used a mac and cheese box), a marker, and a good pair of scissors.

First, you'll need to make your pattern. I just free-handed what I wanted it to look like, then cut it out. Next, I traced the carrot top on the green felt as many times as napkin rings I wanted, five.

Then, I traced the carrot pattern. My felt had been in the drawer for a while, so I tried to avoid the creases.

The, I cut strips for the actual napkin ring. I think they were 1.5 inches by about 6 inches, but of course I forgot to write down the measurements! I would suggest cutting one out, trying it out around a napkin, and then making them all the same.

After that, I added some cuts to the carrot top to make them look more fringed. I glued them to the top of the carrots with hot glue.

I attached one end to of the rectangle to the middle of the back of the carrot.

Then I looped it around to make a ring and glue the other side down.

Add your favorite napkin, cloth or disposable, and you have a bright accessory for your place setting!

What do you think? Easy enough?

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