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Favorite Things: My Favorite Scarf

It's the last Monday of the month, which means I'm linking up with Andrea about my Favorite Things!  Each month, there's a new topic (all the topics can be found here). This month we're sharing about our favorite scarf!

Sometimes I just luck out shopping. Finding this scarf at Target last fall was one of those times. It was on sale nonetheless!  I have a huge collection of scarves, but if I had to keep just a handful from all that I have, this would be one of the first I would pull. I love jewel tones. I wear them all. the. time. This scarf just goes!  I haven't worn it yet this fall, but I know it will be in the rotation soon.

Here are a few ways I've worn it!

With my favorite dress.

Casually with my navy vest.

Adding a lot of color to my blue tunic.

Popping with chambray.

Pulling together an outfit.

I wish Target still sold this scarf or I could find an awesome one similar for you. Just keep your eyes out, or make your own!

What's your favorite scarf?

Never sure how to wear a scarf? I wrote a post about some scarf/top combinations that you can check out.

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