bybmg: High Five for Friday 2.3 - All the Good Things

High Five for Friday 2.3 - All the Good Things


We had a super busy weekend. It started off Friday night with the boys getting hair cuts at Shear Madness and a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings. Saturday night, Calvin stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while we took the older two out to Fuzzy's Taco Shop and an Iowa Energy basketball game.


Sunday was also busy with church, Henry's soccer practice, and his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. He had the BEST time! He and his buddies played lots of game, ate pizza, had cake, and cashed in their tickets for prizes. So. Much. Fun for six and seven year olds!


Monday mornings are always a little rough, but Calvin is back to his not so great sleeping habits. I was extra tired Monday morning, and then I showed up to this at my classroom door!  What a nice start to the week!


Tuesday was Henry's actual birthday, so I made the tradition of reading him this book the night before. It always makes me a little teary.  On Henry's actual birthday, I was able to go surprise him to eat lunch at school and then we had pizza at home for dinner. Hard to believe I've been a mom for SEVEN years!


I got to see the movie Hidden Figures last weekend with a friend. It was SO GOOD! Totally go see it if you have the chance!

How was your week?

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