bybmg: Hig Five for Friday 2.17 - Valentine Fun

Hig Five for Friday 2.17 - Valentine Fun

TGIF!  We're in for a great weekend, I hope! Temps are supposed to be in the high 60s which is unheard of for Iowa at this time of year. We had a great week! Here are the highlights:


We made Valentine boxes for the boys. Wesley wanted Elsa (of course) and Henry wanted a Minecraft Enderman. I think they turned out well!

I didn't make any home made Valentines this year, but the slime Valentines I got from the Target dollar spot were a huge hit!


On Saturday, I went to a nearby town (Perry, Iowa) for their annual Chocolate Walk. These are just some of the goodies we got visiting different places in town. I went with a couple girlfriends and it was a blast! We're having unseasonably warm temps here.


Wesley had his appointment with a pulmonary specialist and they're pretty sure he has asthma. So, we're starting daily treatments to hopefully prevent some of the bigger issues we've been having like episodes of not being able to breathe well and pneumonia (three times in the past year). We go back in a couple months to see how things are working. I'm thankful we pursued getting him in to a specialist. 


This guy and I had a "fun" Valentine's Day which included dinner with the kids at home and some drain issues that required a wet vac and a plumber call... but hey, life's an adventure! 13 years ago, I met him. On Valentine's Day. I shared a little more about the story on Instagram.


I got a fun new necklace from Southern Joy Designs that I've been meaning to show you! It's my monogram and it's floral! It's seriously so pretty and it will go with so much! Use code BGSJD10 to get 10% off your purchase!

Happy Friday

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