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Dictionary Heart Tray


Having little ones, it's truly hard to decorate. Anything I put out usually gets picked up and taken somewhere else. I know it's just a stage, but I really miss having some decor in our living room. I've seen some really pretty trays, so I decided to decorate one myself to fill my crafting itch and make something the boys can't bother too much.

One fun thing I've had in my craft stash for years is an old dictionary. I've decorated a few things with it including a bust that I keep my necklaces on and some other home decor. I got the tray, paint, and Mod Podge at Target's craft section.

First, I gave the tray two coats of paint. Looking at the final result, I think it could have used three coats because it was a little streaky still at the finish.

After allowing the tray to dry, I cut a heart out from one of the dictionary pages. It's always fun to read the definitions and see what words they decided to illustrate on the margins.

Next, I put a coat of Mod Podge down on the tray and placed the heart where I wanted it to go.

I topped the heart with more Mod Podge, smoothed it out the best I could, and let it dry.

The end result definitely has a DIY look to it, but I like it. As I sit here and write this post, the tray already has a toy in it, but that's kind of a given around here. I know the tray will get lots of use and add a pop of color to my home!

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