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No Sew Scarf Wreath


Christmas decor is all packed away in our house. I wanted to decorate the front door somehow, but I am just not quite ready to get Valentine's decorations out. I wanted something with a little winter look, and what saw winter more than a scarf? This DIY was so, so easy and really took about 10 minutes from start to finish!

The supplies were all things I had around the house. The scarf is one that I really do like, but I could go without for a little while to freshen up the front door. Other supplies were sewing pins, an old wreath (original DIY here, but the fabric has faded so much it needed new life), and a sign I picked up at the Target Dollar Spot a while back. I have to laugh because this is the THIRD time I've used this wreath! 

Using the pins made this so I can deconstruct it later, which is wonderful since I do like the scarf! I pinned the end of the scarf to the wreath, then started wrapping!

I wrapped the scarf once and it was just not quite long enough, but it was because I was overlapping the scarf too closely. I tried it again really trying to not overlap the scarf much at all, and I was able to make it work.

The end was a little scruffy, buy I just kept pinning to smooth it out. And the great thing about wreaths is that there's always a back side, so I made sure that all of the ends were contained on one side as much as I could.

The joy sign had a twine hanger, so I used three pins to secure it to the wreath.

It turned out pretty cute, don't you think? Kind of subtle for the blues of winter?

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No Sew Scarf Wreath

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