bybmg: High Five for Friday 1.12 - My Boys!

High Five for Friday 1.12 - My Boys!

Happy Friday! It's been a week, but I'm looking forward to a long weekend as we have the day off on Monday. Here are the highlights of the past week:


Russ's school had their belated holiday get together on Saturday night. It was at a place in Des Moines called Ricochet. It has pool tables, dart boards, ping pong tables and more. It's a BYOB place, so we all brought in food and drink. It was fun to have a night out and get a full night's sleep since the boys were at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 


Calvin (at 20 months) is just cracking me up lately. He's such a little human. We went to Henry's basketball game last weekend and he just sat on the bleachers watching and clapping along.

 I snagged these adorable booties from Old Navy for him free with our card rewards and he just loves them. When I tried to get a picture of him wearing them he said, "CHEESE!"


Speaking of cheesing, I was trying to get a picture of all three boys lined up working on their make your own pizzas, and the struggle is real!


Henry and Wesley are loving their Ben the Rooster pen pal experience (Henry especially). This month Ben asked the boys about their favorite books. Henry's is about Minecraft.


Last, not a highlight, but what most of the week has revolved around, Wesley came down with pneumonia this week. I picked him up from daycare on Monday with a cough, and after his nap on Monday his temp shot up to 103*. I got him into the doctor right away, and the confirmed he had pneumonia. He just couldn't shake it and we ended up back at the doctor again on Wednesday to get more meds and another chest x-ray. This is the third time he's had confirmed pneumonia this year, so we're getting a referral to another doctor to hopefully look into future prevention. I think today he is finally on the mend, but wow it's been a long week!

I hope you had a better week!

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