bybmg: $10 at Target Teacher Valentine's Day Gift

$10 at Target Teacher Valentine's Day Gift


Welcome to another month of $10 at Target. This month, the dollar spot was stocked with all the wonderful Valentine's things! It was so hard to decide what to get, and I was feeling kind of "stuffed" out after Christmas, so I decided to plan ahead an shop for Valentine's Day gifts for my kiddos teachers and our daycare provider. 

Per usual, let's start off with a couple cute things I didn't buy:

I love towels, and these were so cute!

Pallet-like items are also something I love, and this heart was hard to pass up.

I rarely us a rolling pin, and I already own one, but this would be so cute to have.

I have a ton of zipper pouches (thank you previous Ipsy subscriptions and Clinique bonuses), so I just had to pass on this one, but they had so many adorable scallop edge ones with cute sayings on them!

So, here's what I came home with. Now, overall it's over $10, but divided by three it's not. And, honestly I've been a dollar under so many months that it's time I make up for it!

Scarf: $3
Notepad: $3
Pens: $4
Bags: $3
Tissue Paper: $3
Total: $16

Per gift, including the wrapping, it is just $5.30!

I think it will make a cute Valentine's Day teacher gift, don't you?

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