bybmg: Numbers and Goals: October

Numbers and Goals: October


It's crazy that it's already NOVEMBER! And we're a week in!! Today I'm sharing a recap of October in numbers and my goals.


The number of stickers Wes has on his stay in bed all night chart at the end of the month (He is one away from filling it now). We didn't start this in the beginning of the month, so it's not the number of nights he's stayed in bed all night, but overall it is something he needs to work on. Either he won't go to sleep in his own bed and ends up crashing on the spare bed with Russ or he comes up to our room in the middle of the night or too early in the morning.


The number of Halloween events we did. The boys had such a fun time this year and I can see it just getting better every year from now on! 


The number of dollars I have in Henry and my current Monopoly game. He has $205, but he has pretty much all the houses. 


The number of trips I took to the post office. The guy definitely knows me for my pink bubble mailers, but I have fully figured out how to print postage online, so I don't have to wait in line anymore!


Trips to Target. I was on a mission to find a couple things in the dollar spot! 

October Goals Recap: I didn't do the best with these this month, but life goes on...

1. Read a book: womp womp.... I was "serious" this month yet I still failed. I did read, just not the whole book.

2. Go to yoga or go on a long walk once a week: I did this all except one week which was conferences week, so I call that pretty good!

3. Take stuff to Goodwill and the kids' consignment store: Nope. It's still hanging around the house.

4. Do a fall craft with the boys: Yep! We painted pumpkins and did a craft from the Target Dollar Spot!

5. Go to the pumpkin patch: Check!

November Goals: 

1. Do a Thanksgiving craft with the boys.

2. Sell/donate 20 items from my wardrobe.

3. Donate 20 of the boys' toys.

4. Clean out the hall closet.

5. Get the stairs carpet cleaned along with the living room area rug.

What are your goals for the month?

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