bybmg: DIY Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props

DIY Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props


When we were on vacation this summer with my family, I brought along some photo both props that I'd purchased from somewhere. I thought it would be fun to make up some Thanksgiving themed ones for our upcoming celebration and I wanted to share them with you!

They're so easy to make and I bet you have most of the supplies around your house! I used construction paper, craft paper (because my construction paper pad had no brown), markers, scissors, tape, glue, and skewers. I didn't want this post to be so photo heavy, so for many of the props you don't see them finished until the picture at the end of the post.

First off, a cliche pilgrim's hat. I took black construction paper and folded it in half. I drew the outline of a hat and cut it out.

I used my brown craft paper to make the hat band and yellow construction paper cut as a hollow rectangle to add a buckle. I attached them to the hat with a glue stick.

This one was easy - just freehand cut out a speech bubble and write in it. I may "laminate" this with contact paper so we can write and erase on it. Otherwise I thought we could use a word app to add text to the picture after it was taken.

My mom, sister-in-law and I go Black Friday shopping each year we're together for Thanksgiving, so I thought this would be a fun one to add in the mix.

Thanksgiving is all about the turkey, so a turkey leg came to mind. This was made from free-hand cutting brown craft paper and white construction paper and attaching them with glue. In the end I cut a little "bite" out of it, too.

I made a beak and wattle for another turkey prop. The beak was a simple triangle and the wattle was cut free-hand. I made some nostrils with the brown marker and attached the pieces together with glue.

I googled around and found a picture of a cliche pilgrim women's hat. I cut it from a piece of white paper folded in half then added some detail with brown marker.

It's hard to tell because of the rolling of the brown paper, but this is a wedge of pie with a ripple of crust! Yum!

I attached a skewer to each prop with tape.

Voila! Here's how they all turned out. What do you think?

Check out Henry and I in on the action and pin this post to share with friends!

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