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How to Make a Tooth Fairy Door Hanger


Making some sort of Tooth Fairy tooth holder was something I've done for a few other people, but I'd put off making for Henry. He's six, and a tooth could be lost any day. This week, he actually has to have a tooth pulled. It will be his first lost tooth, so that kicked me into gear to make something for him. I wanted to make something that you could duplicate, so I hand sewed it instead of using a sewing machine since I know not everyone has a sewing machine.

The supplies were all things I had around the house. I had scraps of white and blue felt, some bakers twine, thread, and a needle. Most fabric and craft stores sell felt by the sheet, so you could easily pick some up. It's very affordable and easy to work with.

I wanted some sort of template for the tooth shape. I got a piece of paper, searched for a tooth outline online, and then just did a free-hand sketch on my own. I think it turned out pretty well! Feel free to print it off and use it for your own if you make this.

I used my needle to pin the paper to two layers of white felt, then I cut around it with my scissors.

I also free-hand cut a letter H from the blue felt for Henry. If you aren't feeling confident with your child's initial, you could always find a template for letters online, too.

I stitched the H to one piece of the white felt tooth. Then, I stitched a length of bakers twine to the other side long enough to hang over your door handle. 

I stitched the two pieces together, and it was done! Super quick, super easy, and ready for the Tooth Fairy to come this week!

What are your Tooth Fairy traditions? How much money does the Tooth Fairy give out at your house?

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