bybmg: A Trip to The Pumpkin Ranch

A Trip to The Pumpkin Ranch


We hit up our favorite pumpkin patch this weekend. We always go to The Pumpkin Ranch. We have gone there each year since Henry was two. I have 2013 and 2015 documented on the blog and a picture here from 2014. I'm also going to consider this post my October edition of the Picture Perfect Project since I missed it last week!

I just had to get a picture of each boy with some pumpkins!

 I KNOW Henry's is getting bigger, but his picture solidifies it for me and makes me pretty teary eyed! Check out this collage I posted of him last year:

They other two are growing a ton, too! 

We picked out some fun pumpkins for each of us. Russ wanted me to clarify that there are six pumpkins because one is for our cat, Toby. #nomorebabies

I piled all the pumpkins plus the one Wesley got from his preschool pumpkin patch visit on our front porch. The boys drew on Wesley's preschool pumpkin... because they're boys. We may carve them. We may pant them. We'll see!

We had a great visit to the pumpkin patch! The weather was amazing. I tried not to over document and just enjoy the time with the boys because that's what life is about right now.

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