bybmg: Morning at the Pumpkin Ranch

Morning at the Pumpkin Ranch


Last year was the first year we took Henry to a pumpkin patch. There are quite a few around here, but I found a Groupon for one, so I figured...why not? We ventured off to The Pumpkin Ranch, and Henry had a blast, so this year, when the Groupon came up for it again, there was no doubt that's where we were going.

Last year, they had a bounce house, and it was there again this year. Henry always enjoys jumping!

I believe the slide is new this year. Henry went down it VERY fast!

More jumping on the trampoline!

I was nervous about Henry trying their zip line. He is only 3 1/2, but he LOVED it and did so well!

Grrr! Determination!

Look at that perfect sky!

Of course, the pumpkins! We didn't actually ride out to the patch this year to pick pumpkins, but we got some that they'd already picked.  Henry was just too into the fun to go away from playing.

I love to see how this boy is growing!

I think the hat he was wearing last year added some height. He's wearing the same coat, but you can definitely see he's grown. Baby face last year and little boy this year.

It was a bit too chilly to get Wesley out of the carrier much, but it will be fun to have him stand there next year.

Oh, Iowa corn!

Our little family!

Grandma (Russ's mom) came with, too! Henry chose all the pumpkins except the white one (my pick). For some reason I just love a white pumpkin!

We stopped at a CUTE little cafe in Winterset on the way home. We will for sure be going back there!

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