bybmg: High Five for Friday 4.29 - Tolerant Cat, New Sandals, and a Minecraft Movie

High Five for Friday 4.29 - Tolerant Cat, New Sandals, and a Minecraft Movie

TGIF! This week has been a busy one though I can't quite put my thumb on why! Here are some highlights!


Russ's parents moved this past weekend. Now they're 7 miles away instead of 4 HOURS away! Their poor elderly cat just LOVES the boys. He totally tolerated being carried up the stairs and around their town home many times just like this by Wesley.


I just heard about the Peaches and Petals subscription box from Carrie's blog.  I have my first box coming soon! Here's a link where you can sign up! Try out codes PEACHMAY50, PEACHMAY25 or PEACHMAY10 (there are a limited number for each code) for a discount on your first box!


I ordered these sandals this week. My other black wedges were shot and I had been looking at the Toms Canvas Wedges, but then I stumbled upon these and I just love them!


Henry (with Russ's help) made a short film for his school's film festival. He was so proud that his computers teacher showed the project to his whole class and we got to go to a viewing of it at school on Thursday night. Of course it was based around Minecraft! We were so glad my mom could come, too! We went out for ice cream afterwards to celebrate!


We have Calvin's first birthday party this weekend. Hard to believe he'll be ONE next week. The plans for his party are simple, but you can bet I will be sharing them here soon!

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How was your week?

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