bybmg: My Shoe Collection: Pointy Flats

My Shoe Collection: Pointy Flats

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You may have noticed I have quite a shoe collection. Shoes. They always fit (unless your feet grow with pregnancy, which mine didn't). They jazz up an outfit pretty quick! So, I thought I would start a series about my shoes. Why not? We share most everything in the blogosphere. Today, I'm starting with my pointy flats. Yes, I can do a whole round up of my pointy flats. Plain flats, that'll be another day.

Honestly, when pointy flats started coming back into style, I wasn't sure. My feet are on the large side of the shoe range at a size 10. But, I gave in to the trend, and I really love them now.

I had a pair of rounded toe leopard flats that I wore to death. I replaced them this spring with this pair from American Eagle.  I really don't shop at AE typically, but I searched around and came upon these. After a discount coupon, they were just $17.47. Leopard flats add a ton to a basic outfit.

I already own a pair of round toe black flats, but when I found these on sale at Gap for just $10, I couldn't say no. I haven't quite bought in to the lace up shoe trend, but I feel like an ankle strap is part way there. These add a little flare to a dress or cute pair of ankle pants.

I originally purchased these for a post in conjunction with Brandzaffair. I wore them so much that the print was wearing off the point of both shoes. I sought out a replacement, and I happened to find the exact same pair new with tags on Poshmark. I was THRILLED and ordered them up for $25.

These beauties were purchased on a whim for spring from Cents of Style for $10. They totally fall in line with the Rose Quartz color of the year, so I added them to my closet. I don't really have many light colored flats right now, so this was a nice addition.

These weren't really needed, but I found them for $10 at our local shoe store. They're Joes brand, which I'd never heard of before, but I guess they originally retailed for $80, so I felt like I was getting a steal. Though these flats somewhat function like my floral ones, they have a light background and they highlight some of the jewel tones I often wear like magenta, purple, and they even have a touch that goes with mustard yellow. 

I'm always pondering "holes" in my wardrobe, and one thing I somewhat feel that I am missing is a pair of nude or tan flats. I may wait until fall to buy them, but I linked up one option below. 

Which pair is your favorite?

None of my exact shoes are sold in stores anymore, but I linked up some below that are pretty similar! Happy shopping! All of them are $40 or less!

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