bybmg: January in Numbers

January in Numbers


It's so fun to think about life in numerical form. I'm sharing a review of last month with you today and linking up with Shoes to Shiraz.


Outfits in which I wore my Uggs



Outfits in which I wore some form of ankle booties



Times Wesley asked me, "Why?" Oh, two year old...



Nights Calvin slept all night (and when I say all night, I mean 7pm - 6am). He's going a good 7+ hour stretch many nights, but just can't quite make it all night. 



Steps taken (that my Fitbit recorded). And don't divide it by 31, because it's actually not that much... and I forgot to wear my fitbit for the first couple days of the month, too!



New Pinterest recipe I tried. It's a tater tot breakfast casserole, and it's good!

Any fun stats you think I should keep track of next month?

I'm also linking up with Grammie Time today! Today is her first link up. Go and join in!

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