bybmg: High Five for Friday 9.18

High Five for Friday 9.18

Lots of life updates and highlights this week! Happy Friday to you!

First, congrats to Jen K for winning the Re-Play dishes!


Last Saturday we got up bright and early and headed out the door! It was basically the most perfect Saturday (except for what happened to our kitchen, but that's for #2). We hit up Dunkin' and got groceries! The boys were just having a blast. It was the morning Saturdays should be made of!


So remember that wonderful new microwave we got? Well.... this happened when Russ was working on installing it. We got the old hood out successfully, but in drilling the holes for the microwave, Russ clipped a wire... Yikes... But...

We called an electrician, and he got it all fixed for us!  Yay! The new convection oven microwave is installed! High five for more counter space and an extra oven!


I have my planning period connected with lunch time, so I was able to sign out and have lunch with Henry at his school on Monday. He was so excited I could come and I loved seeing him at school!


Henry is taking swim lessons at the Y this fall. Russ had conferences, so I took the two little ones along to watch as Henry had lessons. Wesley wasn't so much into the coloring book and stickers I brought along to entertain him, but we make it the half hour without him trying to get into the water!


Henry brought this little creation home from school. He told me it is me with pink and blue hair. So, should I dye my hair?! Just kidding!

Happy weekend, friends!


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