bybmg: $10 at Target: Dollar Spot Edition

$10 at Target: Dollar Spot Edition


I have decided to cancel my Ipsy subscription. While I enjoyed it, the samples were piling up, and I just didn't enjoy it as much as I had in the past, and reviewing it was becoming a chore. So, I decided to redirect the $10/month funds to something new!  I'm starting a new monthly series called $10 at Target. Each month I'll head to the land of the happy place with the red and khaki with a $10 budget and report back to you what I buy. I hope to have themes from month to month.

This month I took the easy way out, the Dollar Spot. Oh the treasures you can find at the Dollar Spot! I PROMISE I won't use it as the home for all my purchases every month, but this month there was just too much fun stuff there not to!

So my rules:
1) I must spend NO MORE than $10 after tax and all.
2) I will buy things more for leisure and not for need (because Ipsy was totally for fun).

So, here's my haul! I apologize for the blurry picture. Life has been a little fuzzy lately...

Hello Fall sign - $1

I realllllly lack in my holiday decor for any holiday besides Christmas, so I'm trying to step up my game. This little sign was the only one they had that wasn't Thanksgiving or Halloween, so I can make it last a little longer. 

Burlap bunting - $3

I could very much make something like this, but for $3, I grabbed it up because it was easy!

I added the bunting and the little sign to our ladder shelf in the dining room, and I like how it looks!

Magnetic Clips - $1

Now, I will admit these are on the border of the "need" category. We always seem to run short of these things, but I really enjoy their colors, so I snagged them.

Notes - $1

I really want to send notes in the mail more often. These ones are just so cute and they're PINK!

Page flags - $1

These were too cute to pass up. I use page flags at school sometimes, but it is often just a slice of a post-it note. These will be fun!

Metallic Marker - $1

I just couldn't resist this. I used to have a silver Sharpie, and I just loved it. 

Notepad - $1

Also bordering the "need" I am almost out of the paper I use at home to make to-do lists. 

The gold marker makes a to-do list much more exciting, don't you think?!

So, how did I come out? $9.06 after tax and my Target Red Card savings! Woo Hoo!

Want to join me in this $10 Target venture? I would love to think of a theme each month and blog hop with some other ladies! Let me know if you're up for it!

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