bybmg: What's in our church bag?

What's in our church bag?


Two weeks ago, I shared part of what's in our church bag, a fun Lego pattern kit with printables. Today I'm back with what fills the rest of the bag! This bag is JUST for church. I don't bring it out any other time, so it's special. I hide it away during the week and clean it out and replenish it so it's fresh and ready to every Sunday.

We use just one backpack to hold both of the boys' stuff. I pondered having them each take their own bags, but getting things back in the right spot seemed like it might not work. When church is over we usually breathe a big sigh that we made it and high tail it outta there, so one bag it is. 

First off, books. Of course I put a couple little books in there. The Mickey book is a look and find book. If Wesley is getting wiggly, I can usually pull him on my lap and flip through, whispering to have him find something and diverting his attention from getting in trouble. 

I attended my first Usborne Books party on Facebook this summer, and came out with these wipe off Monster Doodles cards. There are a ton in the pack, and the first Sunday I took them, they were EVERYWHERE. So, I got wise and picked out a few and put them in a baggie for each boy. I can rotate them out with the others I have left at home. I also put in dry erase markers for the cards and wash cloths to wipe off the cards. The only problem we're having is that Wes doesn't have good control of the dry erase markers yet. He marks on clothes and the pew... I'm sure there are washable dry erase markers somewhere, I just haven't looked to find them yet.

The Elmo book is also wipe off letter practice. And then there's a little magnadoodle that I found at the dollar store. 

Trucks are another favorite with our boys. This construction set is great. Often times snacks turn into rocks that get pushed around the pew. The little figures are from Henry's Transformers Rescue Bots. And of course, fruit snacks. Some weeks it's those. Other weeks it's raisins or gold fish. Full mouths are quiet mouths with our boys.

Next up, notepads and crayons. I can only barely handle the dry erase markers, so crayons were the choice instead of markers or pens. Colored pencils would be another great option. I stuck them in an old Ipsy bag. I got two notebooks, one for each boy, at the dollar store. I also dug through our sticker stash and put together a baggie of stickers. This will be something I will replenish each week. We have tons of stickers at home to last us a while.

These little look and find pouches have been a hit. I originally got them for part of the big brother gifts I gave to the boys at the hospital when Calvin was born. I know I could make them, but I ordered them from Radish Balloon on Etsy. They are awesome. The tag shows all that's inside.

And last, the Lego kits. Again, you can read about them here

Overall, it seems like a ton of stuff, but if I want to get anything out of church, having the boys occupied is a must. Henry's too old for the nursery and Wesley won't go down there right now for some reason. Mama had to bring in reinforcements, and this bag was the ticket. 

What's in your church bag?

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