bybmg: Making Summer Footwear More Comfy with Kushyfoot

Making Summer Footwear More Comfy with Kushyfoot

I received these products free in exchange for review. See my disclosure statement.

Breaking out the spring and summer footwear is always something I look forward to, but the blisters that often go along with the transition are not fun!  I was thrilled when Kushyfoot sent me a spring/summer essentials kit to help my poor feet make the transition better!

I was so excited when I opened the kit because I saw socks I never knew existed!  Socks to wear with peep toes? Awesome! Socks to wear with sling backs? Who knew? 

I jumped right in to the peep toe socks the first Sunday I went back to church after Calvin's birth. I put the socks on under my Toms wedges, and it definitely made wearing them more comfortable. A little barrier on the heel was heaven since I haven't worn these shoes much this spring. 

Stretchy skits, tees, and my chucks will be a common outfit this summer. The Kushyfoot Foot Covers are awesome to wear under my chucks. They have a pad right on the sole that massages, and it is wonderful! 

I am also so excited about their Flats To Go. They're so compact and will be great to have in my purse this summer or keep in my desk when I head back to school this fall.

Kushyfoot provided me with the footwear free for my review. The opinions are all my own! Hope you'll go check them out!

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