bybmg: 2015 Summer To-Dos & Tuesday Talk Link Up

2015 Summer To-Dos & Tuesday Talk Link Up


I'm a list maker. Not always the most organized list maker, but I am one. Also, I'm a teacher, so summer is very freeing. I'm also a structure-lover. I don't have to have every minute of my day planned, and with a newborn there's no way that's going to happen, but I love to have a little bit of purpose.  So, today I'm sharing my summer to-dos.  I could say summer goals, I could say summer checklist, but some things I want to do don't fit in either of those categories, so to-dos it is.

1) Snuggle the baby. - I've said it a few times before, but Calvin is most likely our last baby, so I want to soak it up. Thoughts on the last baby are being developed in my head slowly, so expect a post on that sometime, but for now, we snuggle.

2) Make it through grad classes. - I'm taking two grad classes this summer. One is online and one is in person. I'm honestly not very excited about either (because see #1), but I know it will all be worth it when Russ and I graduate next May and Calvin is coming with me to the in person classes.

3) Put up wall decor in the living room. - I really haven't hung up much since we moved in in March. I've done a little in the boys' rooms, but besides that, nada.  I have an idea for some gallery walls around the house and the living room is one space I would like to do that.

4) Do a planned activity with the big boys each week. - I'm trying to give myself a little grace with this one. One activity is a pretty small thing, but it's what I can manage.  I added some ideas specifically to a summer checklist Pinterest board. Henry has been begging and begging to get face paint since they painted his face one of the last days of preschool, so I am totally excited to surprise him with homemade face paint some day!

5) Sew something. - My sewing machine has been packed away since we moved. I want to get it out at least once this summer to sew something even if it'd just hemming the curtains.


6) Lunch dates with the hubby. - Russ reminded me after reading this post that we have weekly lunch dates planned this summer! That totally slipped my mind. The big boys will be in daycare a couple days a week, and Russ and I have committed to going to lunch on one of those days (with Calvin in tow, but he's a pretty easy tag-a-long right now). Yes! A date without having to worry about finding a sitter!

What are your plans for the summer?

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