bybmg: My Boys' Easter Baskets

My Boys' Easter Baskets

Easter just kind of snuck up on me, but I was able to do a little shopping for the boys' baskets at Marshall's one day and finished up with a couple things on my Target run the day before Easter with Henry in tow.  I feel like I went somewhat light on the basket this year, but they have so. much. stuff. And, Wesley's birthday is right around the corner!

I got their bags last year from Pick Your Plum.  I love that they can be folded up for easy storage, hold a bunch, and would even be great to take on an egg hunt.  Pick Your Plum had them again this year, so I snagged one with baby #3's name (We have one picked out!). All ready for next year!

Besides what was in their bags, which you'll see here in a second, I got them a new bubble machine. Our old one died last year, and I think it'll be wonderful to have one this summer on our new deck.

In Henry's bag - a new outfit for summer, a small Lego kit, robot/ninja dudes (he picked it out on our Target run), Peeps kebob, and Pez dispenser.

In Wesley's bag - a new outfit for summer, a new book (he's such a book worm), Thomas sunglasses, Pez dispenser, Peeps kebob, and stuffed Mickey.

So, very simple!  We also did a small egg hunt in the back yard. Trying to focus on our family time this holiday, not go crazy, but still make it special! 

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