bybmg: High Five For Friday 4.3

High Five For Friday 4.3

Friday!  Yay!  I'm looking forward to this wonderful Easter weekend with my boys. What about you?


We went to an Iowa Energy game on Sunday afternoon. It was one of those glorious events that fell at the perfect time of day. The game began at 4, so Wes could get his nap in before we went. Russ wasn't feeling well, so I took the boys by myself. We went with a friend of mine, her husband, and her cute little gal. It was so fun. Henry was occupied the whole time. As long as I had snacks a plenty (which I spent way too much money on...), Wes was happy, too. 


Got some Girl Scout cookies. They didn't stand a chance. Lemonades are my favorite now a days. I wish I would have ordered more!


We painted some plastic Easter eggs (from Target - affiliate link) on Tuesday night. Russ captured the first picture. One of the few of Wesley smiling. He wasn't a fan of the whole project for the most part, but Henry had fun, and I tried to do something artsy with them. Let's just say the neighbors two doors down could probably hear Wesley screaming as I tried to scrub him off in the tub. Dude is not a fan of baths these days!


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