bybmg: High Five for Friday 4.24

High Five for Friday 4.24


Here we are again. It's Friday!  Yay! Hope you had a great week!


The boys got our little man's shelf all put together. I just sent out a wooden storage crate to be painted by a professional, so once we get that back, I can give you a full room tour!


The night Wes was born, I indulged in this glorious brownie sundae from our local ice cream shop, so we jokingly call it "the inducer." We ventured there Saturday night and I ordered it up again, but no such luck. Though, I'm sure a few of your preggos out there might want to recreate it on your own... it's simple. vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, brownies, and whipped cream! Good luck! I'll probably be eating another one this weekend!


If you missed my 10 Awesome Things post from Monday, head back and check it out. Random. Awesome.


And, while we're waiting for baby, I'm having a Jamberry nails sale. Order up a Buy 3 Get 1 free order from my website and you can pick another free sheet of Jamberry nail wraps from my personal stash! This deal is good until Mr. Man arrives!


I made these fun little pies this week. They're so easy. I'll post how I made them soon!

Happy Friday, friends!


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