bybmg: High Five for Friday 4.10

High Five for Friday 4.10

Happy Friday!  Another week in the books and this was a BUSY one!  Here are some highlights!




We had a wonderful Easter. We woke up at our leisure, the boys opened their baskets, and we went to breakfast at church. After church, we came home, had lunch, and Wes napped like a champ.

While Wes napped, I set up an egg hunt for Henry. It's so fun to see him seek around and find such joy when he found an egg. 


Henry also kindly set up an egg hunt for Wesley on the deck, so when he woke up, he  could collect them.  It was so cute because Wes would stop at every egg, open it, and then dump its contents into his bucket or eat the contents on the spot!


On Saturday, Henry and I spent a good portion of the day together just the two of us.  We started off with a donut date, then hut up Target where we got a few last things for Easter and my hospital bag. 

Then, we went to the zoo for a friend's birthday party! They started off the party decorating visors.

We ate lunch, got to see some animals up close, and ended with cake.

Then, Henry and I went and explored the zoo by ourselves and participated in some of the zoo's Easter activities. We ended the afternoon with a quick Wal-Mart stop, then came home and had some friends over for dinner.


Wesley turned 2 this week!  He's such a fun little man and we love him to death. We had breakfast for dinner on his actual birthday because the kid LOVES scrambled eggs. We'll celebrate with friends and family this weekend.


One of my best college friends is back from Kenya for a short bit, and I got to spend some time with her, her kiddos, and our friends one night. It was definitely too short of a visit, but I'm so glad I got to see her face and see all her beautiful children!


My Boy Mom Box arrived last week!  Thank you so much, Carey and boys!  I honestly haven't let the boys see what was inside yet because of Easter goodies and Wesley's birthday, but I think I will put the puzzle in the bag for Wesley to get when he comes to visit his baby brother in the hospital (and find something similar for Henry - Legos in the hospital room.... not sure I can handle that!), and then put the rest away for a rainy day this summer. I love, love, love all the Carey got me, too!  I've always wanted to try the EOS hand lotion!

Don't Forget!! It's coming this week!

On Wednesday, April 15th, some lovely style bloggers and I are hosting a new monthly link up called How I Style It!  We plan to have a new theme each month. This month's theme is colored pants!  We also plan to use the hashtag #coloredpantsparty on Instagram! Can't wait for you to join us!


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