bybmg: 36 Week Update

36 Week Update


How Far Along? 36 weeks! 

Size of Baby? About the size of a head of romaine lettuce : approximately 6 lbs and 18 1/2 inches long (according to

Maternity Clothes? Yep, though some I have are getting too small or uncomfortable.

Weight Gain? At my last appointment I was up a total of 22 lbs. I have an appointment today, so I'm sure it's up a little more. #cupcakes #icecream #cookies #jellybeans Also, I feel like my ankles and hands are starting the lovely pregnancy swelling. I guess I can be lucky it's held off for this long.  I took off my wedding ring this past week and hope to find a little fake one today. My ankles aren't too chubby to fit into shoes, but I will definitely be limited how much I wear my wedges until after baby's born.

Baby’s Gender? It's a BOY!

Sleep? I'm definitely exhausted at night, but I have been waking up some because of coughing, having to go to the bathroom, or just being uncomfortable. I feel like a beached whale when I roll out of bed.

Food Cravings? Give me all the sweets.

What I am loving? I'm loving knowing he'll be here soon. I'm honestly to the point where I'm ready to be done being pregnant. I don't remember feeling this way so soon with my other two, but I'm ready. I know he will come when he is ready, but any day now is fine with me.

Movement? I can tell he's running out of room! He also has the hiccups from time to time.

What I’m looking forward to: I'm looking forward to this little man's arrival. If he follows suit like his brothers, we have 2-3 weeks left before he's here. Some days I feel like it may be sooner.

Other Updates… 4 weeks ago, we were moving into our new house.  We're in, settled, and loving it! Just need to hang things up on the walls!

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