bybmg: High Five For Friday 3.6

High Five For Friday 3.6

Another week! It definitely flew right by. Thanks for all the birthday wishes last week! It was a great one!


We hit up the Olive Garden for my birthday last Friday night.  I know, high class, but it's one of my favorite places to go. The boys love it, too.  Wesley was like give me all the bread sticks, and Henry wanted chocolate milk plus the stickers on the kids menu were a hit!


Saturday afternoon, hubby sent me on my merry way to shop.  I got my free Starbucks birthday drink (venti caramel flan latte), spent a lot of money at Target on things for the new house, and picked up my birthday gift from Ulta. It was a much needed little vacation!


A sweet man at church gave this to me. He heard we were having a boy and knits while he watches TV to keep his hands busy. Isn't it adorable?! 


This week kicked off the Blogger Life Photo Challenge.  I'm a member of a wonderful group of lady bloggers, and this challenge is a fun way to connect. If you see me post a picture on Instagram with the #BLPhotochallenge tag, that's what I'm participating in. Feel free to jump in any day!


I picked up this LuLaRoe Irma tunic from a consultant who has a shop online. If you've paid any attention to what I wear, you know I wear these tunics a lot! I have... at least enough for me to wear for a week... let's just keep it at that. When I saw this one online, I was attracted to the dots and stripe combo. When it arrived in the mail it turns out the dots are actually hearts!  I've never seen a LuLaRoe Irma like this one. I feel like I found a unicorn!  Let's just say I'll be wearing it next week! Thank you, birthday money!

How was your week?


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